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  • North Dakota Society of Professional Engineers
  • North Dakota County Superintendents Association

Please read the following instructions for participants. You may also download the MathCounts official rules (PDF 218.26 KB)

ND Math Counts competition agenda (PDF, 78.46 KB)

MathCounts General Procedures

  1. MathCounts Pre-registration - The county superintendent/designee will submit the registration form, registration fees, and a data sheet for each participant.
  2. MathCounts Registration will be from 7:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m., at the Ramkota Hotel, 800 South 3rd Street, Bismarck. At that time the participants will receive a packet which will contain (1) Lunch ticket(s), (2) a nametag, (3) a MathCounts participants’ booklet, and (4) evaluation forms. A t-shirt will be provided prior to the start of the first session. A $25.00 registration fee (includes lunch) per candidate will be assessed.
  3. MathCounts Luncheon - 12:00 p.m.–1:10 p.m. - Participants will be recognized and will receive State MathCounts participation certificates. Luncheon tickets, at $15.00 each, must be ordered through the county superintendent’s/coordinator’s office. Student Participants lunch is included in the registration fee.
  4. MathCounts Sessions - The sprint round will commence at 9:00 a.m. at the Ramkota Hotel. MathCounts participants for each session must be in their assigned seats at the designated starting time. Name tags must be worn during each session.
  5. A MathCounts group photo will be taken at 1:10 p.m. The price for an 8" x 10" is noted on the photo order form and includes postage. Forms for obtaining photos will be distributed by the county superintendents/coordinator’s and additional forms are available at the registration desk. All checks should be made payable to NDSPE-MathCounts. It is important checks accompany the registration form. A late fee of $5.00 will be assessed on all photo orders received after April 15.
  6. Dress code - Participants are permitted to wear casual clothing (i.e. jeans, khakis, etc.) Your T-shirt must be worn during the photo session.

MathCounts Rules and Procedures

A. General Rules
  1. Students are permitted to use calculators in the Team and Target Rounds at all levels of competition. (NOTE: Calculators are not provided; students are to bring a non-programmable calculator, or purchase one the day of the competition, see school handbook for regulations.) Slide rules instead of calculators are also permitted during the Team and Target Rounds. Other notes and reference material are not permitted. Scratch paper will be provided.
  2. Listen carefully to the initial directions. If you need further clarification during the sessions, raise your hand immediately and wait for a proctor to come to your desk.
  3. Talking and signals are permitted only during the Team Round. Interaction with coaches is prohibited during all the rounds but is permitted during breaks. All other communication between guests and students is prohibited until completion of the competition. The Countdown Round will be conducted but will not be used to determine the four qualifiers for the National Competition.
  4. All supplies are provided for students, except calculators. Students are, however, allowed to bring their own pencils, pens, and erasers if they wish.
  5. All answers must be written in the answer blanks on the problem sheets. They must be written clearly. To correct an error, draw a line through the incorrect answer and rewrite on the same line, above the incorrect answer, or below the line.
  6. Acceptable forms for answers are as follows:
    • All answers are to be reduced to lowest terms. Improper fractions that have been reduced are acceptable.
    • Radicals should be simplified.
    • Answers should not be approximated unless students are specifically instructed to do so.
    • Units of measurement are generally not required in answers.
    • Numerical approximations for irrational numbers should not be made unless otherwise specified in the problem.
    • When a problem asks for an answer expressed in a specific unit of measure, answers expressed in equivalent units are not acceptable. For example, if a problem asks for the number of ounces and 36 (oz.) is the correct answer, 2 lbs. oz. is incorrect. Similarly, if a problem asks for the number of cents and 25¢ is the correct answer, $0.25 is incorrect.
    • The given data in all non-oral competitions are to be regarded as exact.
    • Answers which are equivalent to whole numbers should be written in their whole number form, e.g. “25” rather than “25.0”.
  7. Specific instructions stated in a given problem take precedence over any of these instructions.
  8. Any difficulty in the correctness of an answer or in student conduct should be brought to the attention of the appropriate chapter, state, or national official. Protests must be registered with the room supervisor by the team coach within 30 minutes after questions and answers have been posted for each round. Rulings on protests are final and cannot be appealed.
B. Scoring
  1. Scores will be kept for both individuals and teams throughout all MathCounts competitions. The following chart illustrates the scores resulting from each round of competition:
    Round Yields Scores For
    Sprint Round Individuals and Teams
    Team Round Team only
    Individual Solutions Round Individuals and Teams
  2. Team and individual scores will be computed as follows: (Perfect scores for each item are indicated in parentheses)
    Round Individual Score Team Score
    Sprint Number of problems correct (30) Average number of problems correct (30)
    Target Number of problems correct X 2 (16) Average number of problems correct X 2 (16)
    Team 0 Number of problems correct X 2 (20)
    Final score Sum (46) Sum (66)
  3. In case of tied scores for individuals, individual scores of specific rounds will be used to break ties. Contest scores will be considered in the following order to break ties for individuals:
    1. Sprint Round score.
    2. Specific questions from the Written Round competition instructions will include a listing of specific Written Round questions to be used to break ties should individuals still be tied after comparison of Written Round scores.
  4. In case of tied scores for teams, team scores of specific rounds will be used to break ties. Contest scores will be considered in the following order to break ties for teams: 
    1. Team Round score.
    2. Target Round score.
    3. Sprint Round score.
    4. Specific questions from the Team Round competition instructions will include a listing of specific Team Round questions to be used to break ties should teams still be tied after comparison of the above rounds.
  5. Countdown Round
    The Countdown Round will be administered to the eight highest scoring individuals. Participants will be paired to challenge each other in an oral competition. The scores from the Countdown Round will not be used in determining the state winner; however,the Countdown Round will be a mandatory round at the national competition.
C. Protest Procedures

Any protest regarding the competition must be lodged with the protest committee by the county superintendent/coordinator. Protests must be made on-site within 30 minutes of the posting of questions and answers immediately following each round. The beginning of the next round will not be delayed until after the posting period for questions and answers from the previous round. Protests from any individual other than the county superintendent/coordinator will not be considered. Decisions of the protest committee are final, and cannot be appealed. Decisions will not require, under any circumstances, that a fifth individual be placed on a state team.

D. Release of Exam Materials

Immediately following each round, exam questions and answers for that round should be posted for review by coaches as a courtesy. (Please do not copy or record Questions and Answers.) These materials should remain posted for 30 minutes. Contestants' problem sheets and answers are confidential and may not be viewed or distributed to coaches, parents, or other individuals. Students' problem sheets become the property of NSPE chapters and state societies. Chapters and states should hold these items for 90 days following the competition at which time all materials should be destroyed.

Single copies of blank examination materials and answer keys may be distributed to coaches upon written request on or after (check with the State MathCounts office for dates).

E. Selection of State Team

The state team will consist of the top four individuals having the highest individual scores. Should one of the top four individuals not be able to attend the National Competition, the fifth highest individual scorer will be eligible to attend. The state team coach will be the coach of the top School Team. Should this individual not be able to attend the national competition, the team coach of the next top School Team will be eligible to attend.


Awards will be presented approximately at 2:00 p.m. at the Ramkota Hotel.